ENDER’S GAME Cast And Crew At The MCM London Comic Con - Movies In Focus
The Odeon Leicester Square in London was surrounded by eager science fiction fans when I approached the cinema for the Ender’s Game Q & A fan event, being held for the MCM London Comic Con. The book (by the controversial Orson Scott Card) has its fans and the crowd were there to see the film’s cast and crew. Stars Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld and Sir Ben Kingsley were in attendance, joined by the film’s director, Gavin Hood and producers Gigi Pritzker and Bob Orci. However, the crowd really turned-out for the one and only Harrison Ford. The laconic Star Wars actor was his usual dry self as he took to the stage to discuss the film with his colleagues. There was a buzz in the air and clear excitement as he took to the stage to discuss the film in the lead-up to its release. Everyone involved in the film were aware of the difficulties they faced in bringing the beloved novel to the screen, discussing their approach to the material and what attracted them to the project. Here’s what they had to say: Harrison Ford on the changes in special effects over the years: In the olden days – [...]