DVD Review: UWE Boll Goes To Vietnam With TUNNEL RATS - Movies In Focus
Uwe Boll–the name strikes terror into the hearts of many movie fans, although the casual viewer might say “Uwe he?” German born Boll is a controversial figure in cinema today and his films are often highly controversial and critically mauled. So where does Tunnel Rats, Bolls latest film fit into his filmography? Well, apart from being his most recent film it is also his best – by a long shot. It really looks like knocking out film after film has finally paid off for Boll. It’s not Citizen Kane, but by Boll standards it’s on the road to Battlefield Earth. Rarely has it pained me so much to say that a film isn’t bad, and it hurts – it hurts so much for me to say that Tunnel Rats (or 1968 Tunnel Rats as the opening titles would have it) is half decent. It’s not great by any stretch of the imagination; but it is far from the director’s worst film. Stacked with stock characters from every war film ever made Tunnel Rats is a walking cliché. The plot of the film is simple: Michael Pare’s Sergeant Vic Hollowborn leads a band of new recruits into the Vietnamese tunnels in [...]