DVD Review: Stylish MANIAC Glorifies Sexualised Violence - Movies In Focus
Elijah Wood will forever be associated with the role of Frodo in The Lord of The Rings movies (and now The Hobbit). He’ll never be able to shake-off the ring-loving half-ling, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in Hollywood. Wood has tried to branch out, selecting a variety of characters to distance himself from the one role that rules them all, and Maniac is his latest attempt to buck against type-casting. Wood is successful in this effort to crawl out from under Frodo’s shadow, but Maniac is a mixed bag. It’s well made, but I just don’t agree with the film on a moral basis. Wood plays Frank, a mannequin restorer with a troubled childhood that has left him in a very fragile mental state. See, Frank saw his mother get up to things that a young boy should never see his mother doing and this has left him with a very unhealthy understanding of women. He now stalks and scalps them, attaching their locks to a selection of mannequins he keeps at home. Things look up for Frank when he meets Anna (Nora Arnezeder), a French photographer who appears to like Frank as much as she appreciates his [...]