DVD Review: SOULMATE Is A Gothic Ghost Story From Axelle Carolyn - Movies In Focus
Nobody really makes old fashioned haunted house films about ghosts anymore. It’s something of a lost art. We have our fair share of found footage movies and gore filled sequels, but the basic concept of a haunted house without some sort of gimmick is rarely visited. Axelle Carolyn’s Soulmate is unashamedly a low key ghost story, one filled with creepy moments and tension rather than jump-out shocks and blood. It feels like it could have been produced at anytime over the last fifty years and that’s what makes it work. This Gothic tale opens with Audrey (Anna Walton) arriving in a secluded cottage in the Welsh countryside. Audrey wants some solitude to recover from a failed suicide attempt brought on by the death of her husband in a road accident. She’s greeted by Theresa (Tanya Myers), an over familiar local with an odd idea of what constitutes a good welcome present. Audrey begins to go about her day-to-day business but at night she hears strange noises echoing through the quiet cottage. At first she believes that it might be an intruder, but then she assumes it must merely be side effects from her medication. Audrey seeks advice from Theresa’s husband, [...]