DVD Review: Peter Bogdanovich Delivers With SHE'S FUNNY THAT WAY Starring Owen Wilson - Movies In Focus
Peter Bogdanovich’s love of the old studio comedies has long passed into Hollywood lore. Nobody has a love of the screwball comedy quite like Bogdanovich. From What’s Up Doc? to They All Laughed shows that the writer/director has always tried to inject a certain amount of old-fashioned Hollywood style into his features. He once again turns his hand to the long forgotten genre with She’s Funny That Way, a relationship comedy starring Owen Wilson as a philandering theatre director caught-up in the production of a new play. She’s Funny That Way hits all the the right notes – if you love that sort of thing. However, it’s a shame that most audiences today won’t understand the vibe that Bogdanovich is striving for. It’s a far-fetched reality, a world set within the confines of the golden times of Hollywood. This isn’t real-life, it’s a Sunday afternoon lost in a black and white romance. Yes, it might be fluffy, but it also sparkles like champagne at a Gatsby-esque party. Bogdanovich’s film might be old fashioned but he has stacked his film with a wide selection of well-known stars. Owen Wilson top-lines and he’s supported by Jennifer Aniston, Rhys Ifans, Will Fore, Illena [...]