DVD Review: Nicolas Cage Steers U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE Through Choppy Waters - Movies In Focus
Put the Nicolas Cage jokes away. He’s the best thing about U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage, a solid (albeit disappointing) old fashioned war movie. This Mario Van Peebles directed drama is the type of thing that Audie Murphy might have banged out in the 1950s. It’s a touch too noble for it’s own good, playing up a selection of WWII cliches without delivering anything new. But it’s an enjoyable time passer that’ll put away two hours with ease. If you’ve seen Jaws (and who hasn’t) then you’ll know that the U.S.S. Indianapolis was part of the top secret mission to drop the bomb in Hiroshima, a move that helped bring WWII to an end. However, the mission was so top secret that the Indianapolis had so escort and nobody knew it was travelling across the Pacific. After it dropped its cargo, the vessel was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and 300 of the its 1,196 crewmen perished with the ship. The surviving 900 were in shark infested water for four days – and only 317 were ultimately rescued. True life stories don’t come more fascinating than what happened to the U.S.S. Indianapolis, it’s a tale ripe for the telling and Van Peebles’ [...]