DVD Review: Natalie Portman’s JANE GOT A GUN Is A Damn Fine Western - Movies In Focus
The popularity for the western ebbs and flows and every time the genre looks ready to be put out to pasture, along comes a film which re-energises it and kicks-off a whole new spate of ‘oaters’. However, for every Dances With Wolves or True Grit comes a financial disaster which again brings about rumours of the genre’s demise. Which brings us nicely to Jane Got A Gun. To say the production of Jane Got A Gun was troubled is an understatement. High profile casting switcheroos galore made the film get noticed for all the wrong reasons (Michael Fassbender, Jude Law and Bradley Cooper all came and went) and then original director Lynne Ramsey failed to show up on the first day of shooting, leaving producers scrambling to find a replacement. Director Gavin O’Connor stepped into the breach and grabbed the reins, casting Joel Edgerton, Ewan McGregor and Noah Emmerich alongside Natalie Portman’s Jane. The film shouldn’t be any good (Edgerton also rewrote it when he came onboard) but it’s an absolute cracker. A rootin-tootin western with great performances and a wonderful sense of tension. There’s a nice High Noon meets Rio Bravo vibe to this which really hits a nerve [...]