DVD Review: Milla Jovovich Stars In The Terrible FACES IN THE CROWD - Movies In Focus
Faces in the Crowd is actress Milla Jovovich’s latest attempt to try and branch out beyond her usual action efforts (like the Resident Evil franchise) and try to show that she has what it takes to be a leading lady, who doesn’t just kick-ass and kill zombies, but who, you know, acts. It’s a noble aim, but the film is a failure on almost every level. Jovovich stars as Anna, a school teacher who has a run-in with serial killer “Tearjerk Jack”. She survives, but during the struggle she suffers a blow to the head, leaving her with “Prosopagnosia”(face blindness), a condition which means that she is unable to remember faces – not good when the killer could be lurking around every corner. It really is as preposterous as it sounds. Set in New York (and clearly shot in Canada) Faces in the Crowd is a French/Canadian co-production that ticks every box on the cat and mouse thriller sub-genre, but delivers nothing in the way of originality. Red hearings come and go, until the inevitable climax, which surprisingly takes place in the same location where Anna first met the killer. Faces in the Crowd comes off as a mid-nineties direct-to-video [...]