DVD Review: Lars Von Trier's THE BOSS OF IT ALL - Movies In Focus
This new film from Danish director Lars Von Trier offers something new from the filmmaker: it’s a comedy. Ravn, owner of a successful IT firms, wants to sell up and move on. There’s just one slight problem. For the past several years he has been telling everyone that ‘the boss of it all’ was overseeing the business from the United States, when in reality he was too afraid to be seen calling the shots. Now the business is about to be sold, and the prospective buyer wants to meet the owner so that they can do business face to face. With no owner existing Ravn must hire an unemployed actor to portray his fictitious boss. However, he must not only fool the new buyer but also his staff, who can’t believe that their ‘boss’ has arrived for a visit after being away for so long. If you watch The Boss of It All expecting to see a standard comedy, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. With its stark cinematography and low-key acting, this is more of a workplace drama than a comedy. That’s not to say there isn’t humour; the film takes pot shots at the corporate system, [...]