DVD Review: IT FOLLOWS Is A Perfectly Realised Piece Of Horror Filmmaking - Movies In Focus
It Follows is a horror film that is filled with tense atmosphere. Writer-director David Robert Mitchell refrains from using cheap scares, upping the tension to give the film an eerie atmosphere that makes it feel refreshing in a genre that is now filled with overly calculated jumps. Maika Monore plays Jay, a college student who goes on a date with her new boyfriend (Jake Weary). Things get hot and heavy and soon they’re getting jiggy with it in the back of his car. After the deed is done he informs her that he’s passed on a curse – one that you can only get rid of if you sleep with someone. The curse takes many forms but it will not stop until it kills you. You can run, you can hide – but it will get you. The metaphor for sex and loss of innocence in horror films is an old one and It Follows makes it plainly obvious. Mitchell embraces this concept and uses it as a stepping off point for some creepy and atmospheric sequences. If you delve deep then it probably doesn’t make too much sense but if you take it for what it is, then you’ll [...]