DVD Review: DRAFT DAY Is A Sports Movie With Kevin Costner - The Only Reason You Need To Watch It - Movies In Focus
Kevin Costner is the king of sports movies having starred in Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and For Love of The Game. Draft Day is his first cinematic sport excursion away from America’s favourite pastime into the world of the NFL. This Ivan Reitman’s film may not be a bona fide classic like those films but it is an entertaining comedy-drama, anchored by an impressive turn by Costner. Costner plays Sonny Weaver, the general managing director of the Cleveland Browns, a failing (American) football team with the number one draft pick. Weaver must navigate the Draft Day under pressure from his boss (Frank Langella) as personal issues with his girlfriend (Jennifer Garner) and his mother (Ellen Burstyn) constantly crop up. This is the type of film rarely made by studios today – a glossy talky effort for grown-ups. The comedy and drama in Draft Day comes from the situations and the characters as the pressure mounts on the busiest day in the NFL. It’s not a sports picture per se, as it deals with the politics behind football. This is what makes the movie difficult to follow for non-NFL enthusiasts outside the US. It’s a complication proposition but Reitman, along [...]