DVD Review: DENIAL With Rachel Weisz Is The Perfect Film For the Post-Truth/Fake News Era - Movies In Focus
Director Mick Jackson’s Denial is an enjoyable and well put together courtroom drama. This is the kind of thing Hollywood used to do so well in the ‘80s and ‘90s, before this type of film migrated to the small screen. Jackson’s film is based on the outlandish true story of how historian Deborah Lipstadt was sued by Holocaust denier David Irving, forcing her to prove in a UK court that the Holocaust actually happened. Denial might deal with a weighty subject but it doesn’t get too bogged down with seriousness or detail. There’s a levity to the film, partly due to David Hare’s breezy script (the story is so far out you couldn’t make it up) and partly because the strong cast is so good at handling the material. Rachel Weisz plays Lipstadt and she anchors the film with the requisite amount of humanity but also adds a bit of zing through Lipstadt’s New York sass. Tom Wilkinson and Andrew Scott score points as Lipstadt’s legal team, while Timothy Spall gives Irving the right amount of hammy pantomime villainy to make his character detestable without ever feeling that he’s truly evil (you almost feel sorry for him).The most random piece of casting is Mark Gatiss‘ [...]