DVD Review: BLOOD ORANGE With Iggy Pop Is A Stone Cold Cult Classic - Movies In Focus
Some films are born cult classics, while others have cult classic status thrust upon them. Toby Tobias’ Blood Orange was born a stone cold cult classic. This is the type of movie that cool friends will introduce to their lesser knowledgeable buddies in years to come. Blood Orange is a compact piece, a small scale tense drama that sees Iggy Pop play Bill, an ageing (and near blind) rock star, married to a much younger wife, Isabelle (Kacey Clarke) who’s having an affair with their gardener (Antonio Magro). Everyone’s having a good time until Lucas (Ben Lamb) appears. He’s the son of Isabelle’s now dead, previous husband – and he wants his share of the inheritance. Tension rises, emotions get fraught and double-crosses abound. It’s not a stretch for Iggy Pop to play a rock star, but he adds a grisly gravitas to his role as an over-the-hill musician tinkering away the days in Ibiza. He commands the screen like a creased and well worn (yet highly fashionable) leather jacket, his guttural voice adding an extra sense of world experience. This is a modern noir, and Kacey Clarke’s Isabelle is the Femme Fatale who plays the men against each other and we’re [...]