DVD Review: BLACK SAILS Season One - Should It Be Compared To Game Of Thrones? - Movies In Focus
Black Sails coasts onto screens by riding the new wave of televisual success. This pirate show from producer Michael Bay will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Game Of Thrones due to its sex, violence and political machinations. It’s not as good as the HBO behemoth, but it’s still a captivating piece of stylish television. Framing itself as a loose prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Black Sails charts a course for New Providence where we follow Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) as he searches for the Urca de Lima, a Spanish galleon which is loaded with treasure. The only person who knows the location of the ship is John Silver (Luke Arnold), a rapscallion with a penchant for getting in and out of trouble in equal measure. Also caught up in the tale is the ever exasperated Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), the ball-busting bar owner who runs the illegal shipping in the Bahaman island. Meanwhile the evil Captain Charles Vain (Zach McGowan) glowers and grumbles his way through the plot causing all sorts of trouble. In fact, he’s so Vain, he probably thinks the show is about him. Plotting, scheming and duplicitous goings on are par for the course on Black [...]