DVD Killed The Cinema Star - Movies In Focus
DVD has changed cinema, forever. Okay, it hasn’t changed how films look and sound, but it has changed the way that we view them. A little over 10 years ago when you wanted to watch a movie, you had to watch it on the big screen at a movie theatre. Sure, we had VHS (remember VHS?), but the big screen was the way to see a movie. The picture was first rate, you saw it in the correct aspect ratio and the experience was mind-blowing. With DVD you can get all this at home, for a fraction of the price considering how inexpensive DVDs have become and the cost of multiple tickets, concessions and gas for the trip to the theatre. Now major studios are making direct to DVD features that not only have high production values – but also top tier talent. When your favourite franchise has run its course on the big screen you can check out a new instalment from your favourite chair at home. So how did it all change? What DVD has also managed to do is present to the viewer films that they would never normally watch. Suddenly you didn’t have to seek out [...]