Comic Review: The Offbeat SHRINKAGE Takes A Fantastic Voyage - Movies In Focus
Emmy winning writer Rob Kutner has teamed with artist John Lucas to bring comic book readers Shrinkage, a new digital comic book series that merges comedy and science fiction. Shrinkage is an immensely readable comic book that is filled with a lot of high energy. The offbeat humour and quirky tone reminded me a lot of the strange little stories that would often litter 2000AD in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Published by Farrago Comics, Shrinkage started life through a Kickstarter campaign and it’s online availability through an app means that the sky is the limit when it comes to finding an audience. The premise for Shrinkage sees tiny little aliens invade the brain of the President of the United States, causing his actions to become increasingly erratic and bizarre. The only way to battle them is for a crazed military man and an over-eager doctor shrink-down to take a fantastic voyage into the President’s brain and save the free world. Superheroes have been dominating the comic book agenda in recent years and it’s fun to see someone try to do something different. Comics have always been able to tell different types of stories, from horror to science fiction and Shrinkage [...]