Chris Pine Talks WONDER WOMAN - Movies In Focus
Movies In Focus didn’t conduct this interview with Chris Pine – but it was sent my way and I thought readers would enjoy Pine’s musings on Wonder Woman. The Gal Gadot starrer looks great – and it’s currently riding high on Rotten Tomatoes (97% fresh!). This could be an important movie in the pantheon of superhero flicks, a really changer in how these films are made (a female director!) – and who they are marketed to (a female audience!). This times they are a changing. Check out what Pine has to say… What previous exposure did you have to the world of Wonder Woman? None, really. I often find the best thing you can do is to treat the script as your bible. The architect of that bible is essentially your director saying, “This is the story I want to get across.” My job is to fall in love with Diana / Wonder Woman, and that’s what I tried to do on screen. Which wasn’t all that hard. What drew you to the project and character? What drew me to Wonder Woman was our director, Patty Jenkins. When I first met with Patty, we had a two-hour conversation about everything, from film to ‘80s pop [...]