Book Review: THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK - Movies In Focus
Matthew Quick’s The Silver Linings Playbook is something of a mini-masterpiece. It’s difficult for an author to balance comedy and drama (it’s much easier on film), but Quick manages to do it. He delivers a novel which is light and breezy to read, but one which also has considerable depth. The beginning of The Silver Linings Playbook sees Pat Peoples released from a mental health institute into the care of his parents. Peoples suffered a breakdown following his separation from his wife, but he believes that their ‘apart time’ will come to an end once he gets his life back on track. Pat has now dedicated his existence to being a better human being, physically, mentally and emotionally. He’s working out on a daily basis and reading ex-wife’s English syllabus in the hope that he can connect with her on an intellectual level. However, the people around Pat have changed since he went away to ‘the bad place’ and he has to try and comprehend a world which is now alien to him. His father can no longer talk to him, except by communicating through football, ‘Eagles, Arrrrhhhhhh’. Pat’s brother feels guilty for having abandoned him during his time away [...]