Book Review: PETER CUSHING: A LIFE IN FILM - Movies In Focus
Peter Cushing will forever be synonymous with horror. The actor’s work with Hammer Films helped cement his place in movie history; while his role in Star Wars also showed that he was equally at home playing the villain (and intimidating even Darth Vader in the process). However, there is much more to Cushing and David Miller’s Peter Cushing: A Life In Film, brings that to the fore. Miller’s book is incredibly well researched and he has some interesting tales of young Cushing as a struggling actor, making his way in America and finding work with Laurel and Hardy. However, fans will mainly be enthralled by the coverage of his Hammer work as well; as the eponymous Doctor in Dr. Who And The Daleks (1965) and its sequel, Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D (1966). Cushing fitted a lot into his 81 years and one thing that the reader can take away from Miller’s book is that Cushing was first and foremost a gentleman in the true sense of the word and a man who was devoted to his wife Helen. The book mainly deals with his screen work, which is a veritable who’s who of classic characters (Van Helsing, Dr Frankenstein, [...]