Book Review: Kevin Costner's Adventure THE EXPLORERS GUILD: VOLUME ONE: A PASSAGE TO SHAMBHALA - Movies In Focus
Kevin Costner is already a man of many talents. He’s had a hugely successful career as an actor, an Oscar-winning director/producer and an accomplished recording artist. Now he can add novelist to the long list, as his first novel The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala has now hit book shelves. Set in a world of change in the WWII era, The Explorers Guild is a boy’s own style adventure that harkens pack to a simpler time. Costner is co-author on the book along with Jon Baird and illustrator Rick Ross and the 781 page book is a rollicking read. You wouldn’t be surprised if this heavy novel was published 70 or 80 years ago. There’s a literary honesty to the type of language delivered by Costner and Baird which never feels like a pastiche of those old-fashioned adventure stories – it’s one of them, albeit one that has arrived decades after they were at their peak. Kevin Costner has built his fascinating career around telling classic tales that some (wrongfully) feel are no longer relevant. He has a knack for taking these well-worn tropes and presenting them to willing audiences who never even realised they needed these stories retold. [...]