Book Review: Bill Hodges Is Back On The Hunt For The Mercedes Killer In Stephen King’s END OF WATCH - Movies In Focus
Following on from Mr Mercedes and Finders Keepers, Stephen King closes his Bill Hodges trilogy with End Of Watch. The book once again sees retired detective Hodges on the tail of Brady Hartsfield, the infamous Mercedes Killer from the first book in the series. Hartsfield was left with severe brain damage at the end of the the first story, but this is a Stephen King novel and he brings his dalliance with the detective novel into his comfortable realm of telekinesis. In 2014’s Mr Mercedes (read the Movies in Focus review), Hartsfield killed several people at a jobs fair and then attempted to blow up a pop concert before he was stopped by Hodges and his partner Holly Gibney. End Of Watch sees Hartsfield return from beyond a higher mental plain, using a games console called a Zappit to hypnotise people so that he can continue to take lives. However, the killer doesn’t count on Hodges’ determination – even though the former cop is now battling what appears to be a terminal case of pancreatic cancer. End of Watch is a fast-paced read, a real page turner that you’ll fire through in a short period of time. King hits the ground-running, [...]