Blu-ray Review: Vincent Price In Edgar Allan Poe's THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM - Movies In Focus
One of Vincent Price’s legendary collaborations with Roger Corman, The Pit And The Pendulum is a masterclass is how to adapt a short story that isn’t really adaptable. Using Edgar Allan Poe’s story as a launching point, Corman creates a tale that is high on camp and style. He takes Poe’s scant pages and turns them into a film that feels like a coherent story that could have sprung from Poe’s pen. Corman’s adaptations of the work of Poe have always been sumptuous – which is remarkable considering that these movies were made on a very low budget. Begging, borrowing and stealing from other films, the sets in these films have always given them scope that belies their origins. When you look back on them today you see films of quality, not something that was intended as a B-movie. Vincent Price’s velvet tones have never been better than when he worked with Corman. He adds a sense of depth to proceedings, which again remove it from its horror roots. Price may swerve into camp territory every so often, but oh what glorious territory it is. Price can make even the most ludicrous dialogue sound like Shakespeare and it’s always an [...]