Blu-ray Review: THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 Is A Belated 1990s Sequel To Brian De Palma’s Classic - Movies In Focus
Released during the post-Scream horror boom of the late 1990s, The Rage: Carrie 2 is a belated follow-up to Brian De Palma’s well regarded 1976 Stephen King adaptation. Katt Shea’s film lacks the freshness of De Palma’s Carrie but now 20 years on, you can give this 1999 horror a time-capsule reappraisal. It’s still not great, but it has a certain feel to it which makes it strangely captivating viewing. This time around it’s Carrie White’s half-sister Rachael Lang (Emily Bergl) causing havoc with her telekinesis. I’m not quite sure how this timeframe works considering the passing of 22 years and the age difference between the two sisters or the fact that both film’s feature very little information on the rather randy Ralph White. But hey, I’m willing to suspend disbelief. Amy Irving’s Sue Snell is the only character from De Palma’s film to return (although Sissy Spacek does make an appearance in clips from the original) and this around time Snell is a High School counsellor out to stop history repeating itself. Yeah, good luck with that. Performance-wise, every carries (no pun intended) themselves the way that you would expect for a 1990s teen horror. Emily Bergl makes for an [...]