Blu-ray Review: The Laconic Elliott Gould Is Philip Marlowe In THE LONG GOODBYE - Movies In Focus
Elliott Gould plays Raymond Chandler’s iconic and laconic private detective, Philip Marlow in this screen adaptation of The Long Goodbye. Robert Altman directs this film, which oozes 70s cinematic style. Altman’s film sees Marlowe investigate the death of his old friend Terry Lennox (Jim Bouton), and along the way he gets caught-up with an assortment of odd-ball characters, including gangster Marty Augustine (Mark Rydell), writer Roger Wade (Sterling Haden) and his wife Eileen (Nina Van Pallandt). The Long Goodbye is one of the most perfect examples of the East Rider, Raging Bull mentality that permeated 70s Hollywood moviemaking. Altman had already directed the counterculture classics MASH and McCabe and Mrs Miller by this point, while star Elliott Gould had seen his star rise and fall in the four years since he hit the big-time with Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Together, they thrust Chandler’s Marlowe from his original 1940s setting into Vietnam era Los Angeles. It’s a bold move, but one that stays close to the source material thanks to Leigh Brackett’s script. Gould’s Marlow is a man out of time, an old-fashioned detective with old-fashioned morals thrown into a time when anything goes. It’s a revisionist look [...]