Blu-ray Review: Somebody Needs Whacked For John Travolta Mob Drama GOTTI  - Movies In Focus
Gotti is the biopic of swaggering New York Mob Boss, John Gotti. John Travolta stars the infamous ‘Teflon Don’ in this disjointed and messy crime drama which leaves no Mafia cliche untouched. Travolta is the film’s lone shining light, fully committing to the role, but sadly the film isn’t worth his time or energy. Gotti suffered almost ten years in development, with a revolving door of talent coming and going in a flurry. Nick Cassavetes and Barry Levinson both toyed with the decision of directing before declining only to be replaced by Entourage actor Kevin Connelly. Joe Pesci was in the frame to play Gotti’s right-hand man Angelo Ruggiero, before suing the film’s producers after they apparently pulled a bait and switch with his character and salary. Hell, even walking Hollywood disaster Lindsey Lohan had the good sense to either not commit or get fired from the production. Even when the film was shot, Gotti couldn’t keep its nose clean. In 2017, just ten days before it was scheduled to be released, Emmett/Furla/Oasis bought the film back from Lionsgate Premiere believing that Gotti had the potential to be a break-out hit (it wasn’t). There was even a ballsy marketing campaign [...]