Blu-ray Review: Sam Shepard In Revisionist Western BLACKTHORN - Movies In Focus
Director Mateo Gil’s Blackthorn is a revisionist western starring Sam Shepard, that supposes that Butch Cassidy didn’t die in his infamous shootout with the Bolivian army (alongside The Sundance Kid) in 1908, but that he lived in the country under the name of James Blackthorn for another twenty years, before deciding to return to the United States. The film opens with Blackthorn/Cassidy (Shepard) putting his affairs in order as he prepares to return to the US. He sells his horses and empties his bank account, but on the way back to his home he is ambushed by Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega) who is attempting to steal his horse; however the animal bolts leaving the two men stranded in the desert. It transpires that Eduardo has stolen $50,000 from a tyrannical mine owner, and he now needs Blackthorn’s ( Cassidy’s?) help to get his money and find a way out of the wilderness. The duo strike up an unlikely friendship as they are pursued across the landscape by posse, an event which takes Cassidy (Balckthorn?) back to his youthful days as a wanted man. During their adventure Blackthorn (Cassidy?) meets Detective Mackinley (Stephen Rea) – the man who was trailing Butch Cassidy and [...]