Blu-ray Review: Orson Welles Tells THE IMMORTAL STORY - Movies In Focus
Based on Isak Dinesen’s tale, Orson Welles’ The Immortal Story is a tense Tales Of The Unexpected-style drama which sees Jeanne Moreau star as a woman hired to sleep with a sailor in order to satisfy the whim of a rich shipping merchant. Shot in a dreamlike verite, Welles’ film pushes boundaries with storytelling and themes. It’s unconventional editing gives it a strong European theme and it’s another reminder of Welles’ power in front of and behind the camera. The Immortal Story is 60 minute long curio that sees Welles play a dying shipping magnate who wants to make an old sailor urban myth a reality. There’s a dream-like feeling to this tale, a yarn lost in the mists of time and memory. Only Welles could deliver a film that feels so alien and bold. He was never meant to be a Hollywood filmmaker, he was always a European auteur caught in the body of a US star. Orson Welles was a true master of cinema. He was a larger than life character who lived for film. Welles was a cinematic savant, a man who organically knew the language of the medium. After a career on the stage and radio, [...]