Blu-ray Review: NOVEMBER Is A Weird & Wonderful Estonian Fairy Tale - Movies In Focus
Rainer Sarnet’s November, is a film which feels as if it purposely goes out of its way to defy categorisation. The black and white film is a dark comedy, a fairy tale fantasy, a twisted family drama and a doomed romance about star-crossed lovers. It’s all of these and none at once, a cinematic cypher of cryptic proportions. This Estonian film sees the relationship of Lina (Rea Lest) and Hans (Jörgen Liik) hit a speed bump when a young Baroness arrives in their new village. Throw in a mischievous devil, strange farm-tool creatures called Kratts and the bubonic plague and you have the mind-bending makings of a cult classic. The plot of November can’t really be described. To do so would mean that you have to quantify it in relative terms – and nothing about Sarnet’s is relative – it’s completely unique. Diving into a film like November is to celebrate world cinema. This is the type of off-beat cinematic treat that you can only get when you shirk the multiplex. It’s a mysterious gem of a film which unwraps itself in the most unexpected ways. You won’t know where it’s going and when it gets there you will wonder how [...]