Blu-ray Review: Nicolas Cage Unleashes The Rage In TOKAREV - Movies In Focus
Nicolas Cage has had a tough couple of years. He went from a bankable box office star to something of a punch line due to his erratic movie choices. In all fairness, Cage’s choices stem from his much publicised money troubles, meaning that the Oscar-winning actor had to take a lot of parts to pay off debts. To give him his credit, he always commits as an actor and while his choices may be erratic, there’s often a braveness in the scripts he selects. Tokarev (also known as Rage in some areas) is a good example of this. On the surface it appears to be another Taken-esqe thriller but the film raises a lot of interesting ideas and it includes a decent turn by Cage, who could have just phoned-in a disinterested performance. Unfortunately though, the film is let down by the direction and the poor acting by much of the supporting cast. Cage plays Paul Maguire, a former criminal gone straight. He now runs a successful business, but when his daughter is kidnapped and murdered (using a Tokarev, a Russian made pistol) he fears that his past life has now caught up with him. Maguire returns to a life [...]