Blu-ray Review: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine And Alan Arkin Are GOING IN STYLE - Movies In Focus
It turns out that they really do make ‘em like they used to. Going In Style is an old-fashioned comedy crime caper that ticks all the right entertainment boxes for what you look for in a picture like this. The oscar-winning cast is the main reason Zach Braff’s comedy heist works, but-the film has enough chuckles and easy thrills to keep you hooked throughout. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin play retirees forced to pull-off a heist to save their pension plans. It’s a romp – but if you’re going to go on a ride like this one, then you might as well do it in style. Does this remake of Martin Brest’s 1979 caper offer anything new? No, it doesn’t – but it’s a relaxing film which obviously hit a cord with audiences, grossing a substantial $45 million in the US (more than Guy Richie’s King Arthur) and $84 million globally. There’s fun to be had with this light-hearted pic and sometimes that’s all you need. In a time of CGI excess, movies like this are a welcome breath of fresh air. It’s one of many recent movies featuring an older cast which has scored some serious cash at [...]