Blu-ray Review: Michael Biehn Directs And Stars In The Grindhouse Thriller THE VICTIM - Movies In Focus
Michael Biehn’s The Victim is a grim and gritty grindhouse-style thriller. The actor-turned-director shows that years spent hanging around film sets with the likes of James Cameron, Michael Bay and Robert Rodriguez have paid off, as he has turned into a proficient director. The set-up for The Victim is simple; Biehn’s Kyle lives alone in a cabin in the words, but he is disturbed by Annie (Jennifer Blanc) a damsel in distress who says that her friend (Danielle Harris) has been killed by crooked cops – and now they are after her. Kyle doesn’t want to help at first, but he is drawn into the situation… As actors, Biehn and Jennifer Blanc (who produces) share some good chemistry (just as well considering that they are married), while Ryan Honey brings the right amount of sleaze to his role as the corrupt cop who will stop at nothing to save reputation. Each character is multi-layered and morally ambiguous. This puts the viewer in a moral quandary – a nice touch which makes the film far from black and white. The Victim wears its low budget genre roots on its sleeve and Biehn doesn’t pull any punches, filling the film with sex [...]