Blu-ray Review: Matt Damon Embraces His Inner Doug McClure In THE GREAT WALL - Movies In Focus
Matt Damon embraces his inner Doug McClure in The Great Wall, a shonky but expensive US-China co-production that has its moments but it fails to come together. Yimou Zhang’s would-be epic plays like a big budget B-movie, the type of thing that McClure excelled at during his time as the king of the creature feature. However, this is A-grade stuff and it lacks the punch to work as an enjoyable adventure flick. Damon and Pedro Pascal play mercenaries who stumble across the Great Wall of China in their search of ‘black powder’ (how could they miss it? The wall, not they powder). Their timing is impeccable because the Chinese are about to be attacked by a horde of Taoties, CGI beasties hungry for a serious bit of Chinese takeaway. Luckily our banter prone heroes are up to the challenge and they’re willing to take on all the Taoties in China. In a way it’s great to see something like The Great Wall being made, it’s not a remake, a sequel or a comic book adaptation but the film is wounded by bad logic and woeful editing – a monster attack in the opening minutes was so poorly handled I had to [...]