Blu-ray Review: GREEN INFERNO AKA CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST II Goes Against Nature - Movies In Focus
Known by a variety of different names, Antonio Climati’s Green Inferno (aka Natura Contro/Against Nature/Cannibal Holocaust II) is an energetic cannibal adventure film from 1988. While it bears zero relation to the notorious 1980 video nasty Cannibal Holocaust, this Italian piece of schlock is strangely entertaining despite its shortcomings. Green Inferno sees May Deseligny, Merlo, Fabrizio Merlo and Pio Maria Federici star as a group of adventurers in search of a doctor who has gone missing in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. Climati’s pic is an episodic film, which isn’t as violent as you would expect and it’s surprisingly well put together for this type of exploitation flick. There’s a strange amount of comedy scattered throughout and the central trifecta of male leads play the majority of scenes for laughs. It’s more like Three Men and A Jungle than anything else. The film opens with a rather well-staged plane theft before the film takes us into the darkest and deepest recesses of the Amazon. There’s some crazy stuff on display here, the most notable being the scene where an electric fish gets rammed in a man’s rectum (always wear your undies in the jungle, folks) and a moment where [...]