Blu-ray Review: FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR Takes Off - Movies In Focus
Flight Of The Navigator is a Spielbergian 1980s science fiction movie, which offers-up enough original ideas (and special effects) to make it worth seeking out. Grease director Randal Kleiser’s 1986 film follows the family movie template to a ‘T’, delivering some neat visual moments and an assured central performance from Joey Cramer. Cramer plays David Freeman, a 12-year old who goes into the woods one night in 1978 only to reappear eight years later, without having aged a day. To David, the passage of time seemed like mere minutes, however the life of his parents (Cliff DeYoung and Veronica Cartwright) has been turned upside down and David has been missing, presumed dead. Soon the military and NASA are probing him, but a mysterious spaceship and a robot called Max (an uncredited Paul Reubens) take him on an adventure of a lifetime. The Harry Potter movies changed the landscape for family films, upping the action content and the special effects quota. Today Flight Of The Navigator looks rather quaint, but its special effects hold up well (it features some very early CGI) and there’s an innocence to the whole thing that makes it feel refreshing in this very cynical age of franchise [...]