Blu-ray Review: FINAL SCORE - Yippee Ki-Yay Dave Bautista - Movies In Focus
Dave Bautista gets his own Die Hard movie with Final Score, an action packed thriller which sees the big man tackling terrorists during a football match. Scott Mann’s film is derivative, but there’s plenty of bone-crunching fun to be had as Bautista takes down a bunch of baddies led by Ray Stevenson. Bautista is Michael Knox, a military badass who arrives in London to take his surrogate niece (Lara Peake) to watch West Ham play Dynamo. However, Stevenson’s Arkady is looking for his long-thought dead brother Dimitri (Pierce Brosnan) in the hopes of kick-starting a Russian revolution. Bautista is in the wrong place at the wrong time and with a little help from Amit Shah’s Faisal, he hopes to stop the terrorists and save the thousands of football fans who are oblivious to the danger lurking around the stadium. Mann knows how to stage the action and Final Score has several well choreographed fight scenes and an impressive roof-top bike chase. Bautista has fun as the outnumbered hero who must use his wits (and his fists) to tackle the baddies and save the day. Stevenson makes for an imposing muscle-bound Hans Gruber, while Shah delivers some entertaining comic relief. Brosnan is [...]