Blu-ray Review: Duncan Jones’ WARCRAFT: THE BEGINNING Surpasses Expectations - Movies In Focus
Warcraft: The Beginning should have been a total disaster, however it manages to entertain despite its convoluted plot and copious exposition. Credit must be given to director Duncan Jones for managing to create a world that feels tangible in-spite of the trillions of megabytes of CGI displayed on screen. Based on the hugely successful video game, Warcraft: The Beginning may have failed to find traction in the US, where it grossed a disappointing $47 million of a $160 million budget, but international grosses were more buoyant and the film managed to snag over $433 globally (a large majority of this coming from China). Orcs from dying world Draenor use some strange voodoo and funky lightening to transport themselves to Azeroth, a humanoid world, in an attempt to capture prisoners so that the evil Gul’dan can power the portal and bring more orcs through. That’s the general crux, but the film involves a whole lot of battles and magical moments where orcs and humans face-off against each other. I’m no gamer, so I can’t attest to how close Duncan Jones’ film recreates the gaming experience of the hugely successful video-game but it is an entertaining fantasy romp. At its worst Warcraft is a CGI-fuled [...]