Blu-ray Review: Ben Affleck + THE ACCOUNTANT = Great Entertainment - Movies In Focus
The Accountant is an exciting old-fashioned actioner, that utilises Ben Affleck’s brawny leading man persona to perfection. Gavin O’Connor delivers a bone crunching thriller, which is reminiscent of the type of thing you would have thrown your cash down for at the multiplex box office way back in the pre-CGI 1990s. Ben Affleck is Christian Wolff, a highly functioning autistic accountant who cooks the books for anyone willing to pay him enough cash. He takes the occasional legit job so as to not draw attention to his creative accounting and finds himself working for John Lithgow’s robotics millionaire. When the numbers don’t add up, Wolff is drawn into a conspiracy that he didn’t expect, taking Anna Kendrick’s junior account along for the ride. However, the bad guys don’t know that Wolff is also a serious bad-ass who is as handy with his fists and a machine gun as he is with a numbers and calculator. Also on Wolff’s tail is J.K Simmons’ curious Treasury agent and Jon Bernthal’s mysterious hit-man. Outside of his gigs in the cape and cowl, Ben Affleck has been established as the go-to star for adult thrillers (The Town, Argo, Live Ny Night) and The Accountant continues [...]