Blu-ray Review: AMERICAN ASSASSIN Is A Fun But Unoriginal Actioner - Movies In Focus
A tough-as-nails actioner, American Assassin is an enjoyable, if cliched thriller starring Dylan O’Brien as author Vince Flynn’s literary hero Mitch Rapp. Coming across like Jack Ryan’s brawnier cousin, it features a lot of violent action and strong performances, but it can never shake the feeling that it’s all been done before. O’Brien’s Rapp is just a regular dude, holidaying with his girlfriend in Ibiza when she’s killed in a terrorist attack. Overcome with rage, Rapp trains himself so that he can take down the terrorists on his own. His erratic behaviour catches the eye of the CIA who think that he might have what it takes to join their anti-terror section. Under the guidance of Michael Keaton’s Stan Hurley, Rapp is trained in the way of the special forces. When Taylor Kitch’s ‘Ghost’ steals some weapons grade plutonium (is there any other kind in a movie like this?), Rapp goes globe-trotting but his unorthodox style leaves a lot of destruction in his wake. There’s much to enjoy in American Assassin – Keaton has fun playing the gruff and grizzled instructor, Kitsch is excellent as the rogue agent and the action sequences are all well put together. Dylan O’Brien holds [...]