Blu-ray Review: A SIMPLE FAVOUR Is Stylish But Its Whiplash-inducing Tone Confuses - Movies In Focus
You’d be hard-pushed to call A Simple Favour a good film, but it’s a pretty entertaining one. The fatal flaw in Paul Feig’s comedy-thriller is its wildly uneven tone. Feig is aiming for a black comedy vibe (I’m guessing something like Heathers is the target) but this Anna Kendrick/Blake Lively pic simply doesn’t know if it wants to be a comedy or a thriller. In the end, it’s neither. It’s a little too silly for a thriller and not particularly funny for a comedy. Kendrick is Stephanie, a single mother vlogger who befriends fellow mother Emily (Lively), a high powered PR executive in the school yard. They share chats and drinks, becoming good friends until Emily goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Stephanie goes searching for her friend, discovering more about her than she ever knew and bedding her husband (Henry Golding) in the process, Kendrick and Livley give it their all, both trying to keep-up with the film’s whiplash-inducing tone. I will hand it to Feig, cinematographer John Schwartzman and costume designer Renee Ehrlich Kalfus – they’ve composed a stylish movie. However it’s style over substance and the plot’s many twists and turns are hardly revolutionary (I’m not sure if [...]