Blu-ray Review: A LATE QUARTET Hits The Right Notes - Movies In Focus
A Late Quartet is classy. That’s pretty much all you need to know. It’s a well constructed film, with great acting, dealing with grown-up themes in a grown-up way. It’s the type of film that’s rarely seen these days, due to the way that films are currently financed and distributed. It’s a shame that mid-range dramas like this are finding a tough time surviving, jammed between micro-budgeted horrors and superhero franchises. A Late Quartet is centred around the Fugue Quartet, a renowned group of musicians (Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Catherine Keener and Mark Ivanir ) who are celebrating 25 years together. Their musical bliss is thrown into disarray when they have to come to terms with the news that a member of the group is suffering from the early onset of Parkinson’s disease. Nothing about A Late Quartet isn’t flashy. It’s a sturdy film with finely crafted performances and a good story, however that’s not to say that it doesn’t look good. Set in New York during a crisp, snowy winter The Late Quartet shows a side of the city that hasn’t been seen in a long time. It’s the New York that we all know from the movies, [...]