50 Year Old JAMES BOND Copyright Issues Resolved And What It Means For 007 - Movies In Focus
Everything Or Nothing, the documentary covering the cinematic history of James Bond is a nice watch with great anecdotes, but it feels a little slight. It’s safe and sanitised and it skims over the darker periods of James Bond’s big screen reign. It comes across as more of a great DVD special feature than a documentary in its own right. The biggest omission (or the least in-depth) is the tense and litigious relationship between Ian Fleming, the Broccoli family and the late Kevin McClory (well documented in Robert Sellers’ book The Battle For Bond). Now, after 50 years the convoluted copyright issues at the centre of this have finally been resolved. Before James Bond was even a twinkle in Sean Connery’s eye, Ian Fleming joined forces with Irish producer Kevin Mc Clory and writer Jack Whitingham to create a big-screen Bond adventure. The film was never produced and Fleming went on to use this script as the basis for his novel Thunderball. Mc Clory sued Fleming, winning the rights to the story and partial rights to certain James Bond elements –the iconic villain Blofeld is one of these. The Broccoli family (along with Harry Saltzman) negotiated with Mc Clory to [...]