20 Years Later: 1999 Was One Of The Greatest Film Years Ever! - Movies In Focus
Sometimes the stars just align and greatness arrives all at once. Maybe it was because a lot of great filmmakers hit their stride (David Fincher, M.Night Shymalan, Spike Jonze etc) or just pre-millennium fear, but 1999 saw a lot of great movies land the big screen. The decline of mid-budget movies and the rise of Netflix and franchise films means that we might never see a year like 1999 ever again. So many wonderful and edgy mainstream films were released by the studios (Fight Club, Being John Malkovich, Magnolia) and even the popcorn movies were great! (The Thomas Crown Affair, Bowfinger, The Matrix). Check out this list of movies which were released in 1999: 8mm8mm was Joel Schumacher making amends for Batman and Robin. An Andrew Kevin Walker script with Nicolas Cage delivering one of his best performances, gave this gritty film an edge that most Hollywood studio productions don’t have. It also featured a strong supporting role from Joaquin Phoenix. While it might not be for everyone, it is a strong film, IMHO. The 13th WarriorThis John McTiernan film preceded the glut of medieval epics that followed in the wake of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. While The 13th Warrior is an incredibly flawed [...]