The Quest for a Waterproof and Functional Backpack | moto.phil
I'm a bags guy, I'm pretty meticulous about this topic. I've always been on the outlook for the perfect bags, sport duffles, tennis bags, backpacks... And it wasn't any different when I began looking for a waterproof bag which should accompany through heat, cold, dry and rain on my RTW trip. I've been looking for a waterproof backpack that suits my needs, which turned out to become a quest of endless online searches. It was hard enough for me to find the right non-waterproof backpack so I didn't expect this to be any easier. During my searches I also found an article by snarkynomad and it turned out we share many of the thoughts about this topic: where's the challenge in making a waterproof backpack that is also functional? Please read his article here. You can search amazon, ebay or google for "waterproof backpack" and there will be quite some results, but as I will show you many of them I wouldn't entitle as being functional. They might live up to being functional in a