Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Online Error Codes – full list of API Web Service Error Codes from SDK | Mohamed Mostafa's Blog
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Error Code list of Web Service and API Error Codes. The following is copied from MSDN online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. This topic lists the error codes you may encounter when debugging your code. You can find helper code for using error codes in the Microsoft Dynamics SDK download package in the folder SDK\SampleCode\CS\HelperCode\ErrorCodes.cs. In the same folder you will also find CrmErrors.xlsx, which is provided for an easy way to look up error information. For more information, see Handle Exceptions in Your Code. The following table lists the error codes used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I have coped it into a post so that it is easy for me and hopefully for everyone else to pick these errors up. Please note that errors usually start with Ox which refers to the code being in hexadecimal. Error codes below do not have the Ox prefix. You need to remove it from your error code before you search. ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName