Microsoft Dynamics CRM building developing and creating multiple Dependant pick lists / Option Sets / drop down menus | Mohamed Mostafa's Blog
There are many different ways of how to create Dynamics CRM dependant picklist (option sets). Dependant optionsets is a common requirement where values in one option set field need to be filtered by a value chosen in another option set field. (For example: Multiple option set categories and sub categories based on value selected in the category field picklist). Option 1: The "official" approach to develop dependent picklists is explained in the CRM 2011 SDK here: This article refers to the managed solution from the CRM SDK available in this location: SDK\SampleCode\JS\FormScripts The rest of article shows how to implement this solution. Option 2: In my view, the following managed solution is the easiest way as it provides a SilverLight application to create a Dependent Picklist by using a user friendly interface. You can see the details of this managed solution in the following MSDN blog