Error with Reports Server | Mohamed Mostafa's Blog
We have been recently approached by a client who had a problem with their report server. If you try to access reports from the reports manager, reports run fine and you can view any report fully and in the right format. The problem arrises when a .NET application tries to open these reports, it just opens a new internet explorer window and uses a url to show the report. This was working fine until the client has probably made some changes to their report server. Since then, reports are not displaying in Internet explorer. To cut a long story short, we eliminated all authentication issues by checking that security and access to all reports is properly configured and the right users has the right to run these reports. We also eliminated problems between SQL Server and the report server, as reports can run smoothly from the reports manager. We finally came with the concolusion that the error must be related to Internet Explorer not able to render the report properly. We looked through IIS