Can We Meet Father Jordan’s Challenge? | ML46
It was for the sixth time that members of every segment of the construction industry in New York came together in recognition of those who have died on the job during the past year. Being the sixth of such observances, many things remained the same. Yet, there were some departures from the norm that bear noting. The venue was once again St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This time, however, the location was more significant than ever, with the NYC BuildingTrades currently performing the cathedral’s restoration. The draped tarps and soaring scaffolding that broke the lines of its Gothic architecture, were a constant reminder that the beauty and form that is created in our industry is the result of hard work that is both dirty and dangerous. The occasional humming of distant drills that could be heard over the somewhat more ethereal tolling of the bells, drove home the reality of the pressures of scheduling in New York and how much effort is required by so many people to complete a project to that