The Trouble With the TPP: Cost to the Canadian Economy Garnering Increasing Attention - Michael Geist
Earlier this month, I appeared before the Standing Committee on International Trade alongside Jim Balsillie to discuss the TPP. My opening statement can be found here and a full transcript of the session here. A second panel of Barry Sookman and Lawrence Herman followed to support the TPP. The following exchange was one of the most noteworthy: Mr. Sukh Dhaliwal: Do you see any negative impacts of the TPP on an average middle-class Canadian? The Chair: It'll have to be a short answer. Mr. Barry Sookman: I don't see any. Mr. Lawrence Herman: I don't either. The responses were unsurprising given that supporters simply ignore multiple studies that have found negative impacts. NDP MP Tracey Ramsey picked up on this immediately with a follow-on question: