Dino-Hearts Thursday! | Meadows Academy Preschool & Childcare
Reading: The Dino-Hearts started the day by making a list together on the board of words that start with the following blends: sp, st, sw They did a great job learning about blends today and how it can help us when we read. We read the book, Rocket Learns to help us understand the process of reading and the enjoyment it can bring! Some of the children completed a blends memory game and it went home today. Others completed a high frequency word game that will come home after we practice it for a few days. In Math, we worked together as a group rolling dice and writing math equations on our dry erase boards. The kids had to transfer two math equations onto paper for their math journals. In writing, each of the children wrote in their journals. We ware all working on checking our work before saying they are done so that they can learn to find places to improve their writing independently. Tomorrow will be a cook day! Have a great night! Mrs. L :)