Dining Room Prayer - 24th Sunday - Year A
The Gospel today is not simply about money or the debts people owe each other. Often when Jesus teaches he uses tools like metaphors and symbols to represent other things. The master here represents God. A God who sees all things. Even when we do not think God can see what we are doing, God can see us. Do we realise God is always with us? God wants us to see like he sees. Jesus also teaches about Mercy. Mercy is love which is not expected. Jesus wants us to be a people of mercy. Not simply to receive mercy, but to give mercy. We must let go of the things which hold us back. Our own possessions. Our own preconceived ideas about the ways things should be. Mercy comes when we look with the eyes of love. Do we look at life with our head? Do we look with the eyes of our heart? This takes transformation of heart. This takes conversion with our actions. The passage ends with a piece of karma. If you do bad, bad will come our way. Jesus is warning us. That warning is not meant to frighten us. Rather, to show us the nature of life. This is not to say that badness will not come, but that the badness has the opportunity to transform us. Mercy has the potential to change our hearts but also the hearts of other people. Are we are a people focused on money or mercy?